Today we launch the most advanced and user friendly incarnation of our near 14 year community and we’re delighted to have you all on board.

We’ve added timeline functionality so you can see all updates at a glance, we’ve added front end user submitted score functionality in our league management software, we’ve added serious mobile friendliness across the board and we’ve added our brand new Pro Clubs DB.

Our new timeline gives you a quick, at-a-glance look at what’s happened since you last logged in. Whether it be news posts, information or the latest league results. No more clicking around to find out your rivals latests results, just scroll down the page, on either desktop and mobile.

We’ve addressed the long standing issue of entering league results on mobile. You no longer need to go through the WordPress dashboard and it’s unfriendly menus. Now you just click on fixtures and results at the top, click the match you want to edit from the list and type in a score. Three clicks and 30 seconds, job done!

Perhaps the biggest addition to the new site however is our Pro Clubs database. We’re now using EASports live API data, meaning all your pro clubs stats, matches and players can be shown in almost real time. This powerful tool enables you to search the entire global clubs database and find any active team and it’s players – essentially displaying all in-game data.