So after a bit of a delay we are now fully up and running in the Pro Clubs EU league. Despite the issues with playing friendlies right now almost all games have been played on time thus far. If I may rant, this bug should have been fixed by now and frankly the issue should never have slipped through the net at the testing phase. I’m sure if it affected FUT, it would have been fixed a long time ago! Now I’ve let off some steam let’s get back to the league…

At the time of writing, Dutch United are sitting pretty at the top of the table. These guys have already played 6 games, having started their 2nd weeks fixtures already. Having won 5 of their 6 games, it’s clear these guys are real challengers for the league title this season.

The challenging pack starts with United FIFA Pro, who sit 5 points behind with two games in hand. Their games so far have certainly been eventful, scoring 17 in 4 games while conceding 9. The philosophy of, you score 5, we’ll score 6 is clearly working for them thus far. Literally in the case of their 6-5 win over Europe’s Best!

Dutch lions are third having had an indifferent start to their campaign. A great win over league leaders Dutch United was followed up with a 3-0 loss to United FIFA Pro. However a solid start to their campaign should give them confidence going forward that they can do well this season.

In fourth sit Oldfl, perhaps rather fortuitously, having picked up two 1-0 default wins over the withdrawn team. Other than that it’s been a difficult start for them. Two tight games with Grow uP eSports both ended in defeats and just one point from Football Boys out of 6 is far from ideal. This unbiased journalist blames everyone in the club but himself for a difficult start…

Below the hosts are early league favourites Sinai Village. Very much the Real Madrid of this league with their size and stature within the community, they’ve started as we would expect. A 6-2 win over Warriors Elite, who are one of the stronger teams in the league was followed up by an incredible 11-1 victory over Europe’s Best. Laying down a marker early on, I think these guys are very much the team to beat!

Right in the middle of the pack, but with a few games in hand are Grow uP eSports. A double 2-1 win over Oldfl their only results thus far. It’s hard to say where this team will finish as they’re new to us but 6 points from 6 is all you can ask for really. Can they challenge the top 3 or 4?

We’re into the bottom half now, albeit very early days yet. Starting off with Cunextuesday FC. Two default wins give them 6 points, but unfortunately no attempt to arrange their other games last week means a couple of 1-0 losses. I fear we could be looking at another drop-out here.

Football Boys are next with 4 points from 4 games. After picking up those 4 points in the first games against Oldfl, they were beaten twice by league leaders Dutch United. They won’t be the only ones to lose to them, so it’s possible their position will improve later in the season.

Warriors Elite sit 2nd bottom at the moment if we exclude the withdrawn team. This may seem a surprise given their previous form in our leagues, but in reality it’s because they only played one game and it was against Sinai Village. They also only had two fixtures in week one due to the odd number of teams. Expect them to make their way back up the table quite quickly!

Propping up the bottom of the table are FC Europe. The big loss to Sinai Village we mentioned earlier has seriously dented their goal difference, but a narrow 6-5 loss to United FIFA Pro who sit in 2nd will give them confidence going forward. It’s always difficult when you have to play the best teams early on.


It’s all to play for at this early stage, as everyone looks to find their place in the table for the first season of FIFA 18. It’s been an encouraging start with the vast majority of games played despite the connection bugs(Again, fuck you EA). Hopefully this can continue throughout the season.