1. Fixtures are posted every Monday and you get 4 matches per week, one home and one away against two different opponents. The home player in the fixture sends the invite.

2. In the event of lag for one or both teams, you must pause and quit the game. Message your opponent to explain the situation. If you play the game to the end, you are presumed happy with the connection and can’t replay.

If the quit takes place before the 10 minute mark, you may restart the match, otherwise play out the remaining minutes from when you paused the game. For example if the lag started on 60 minutes and you quit, play out a new game up to the 30 minute mark. Scores carry over.

3. Game weeks are from Monday to Sunday. If games are not played and results or stats are not entered then a 0-0 result will be submitted by admins with no stats for either team. GAMES CAN NOT BE CARRIED OVER UNLESS AGREED BY AN ADMIN. Any issues with setting up games please consult an admin.

4. We try to adopt a fairplay approach in our league so any kind of cheating such as, standing on the goal line for free kicks, blocking the keeper or time wasting must be proven by the accusing team, by recording the incident and it clearly showing the cheating of the other team. (There is no point coming to us without any proof, we need to see a video)

5. Teams are allowed up to 20 minutes maximum after the scheduled kick off time to start the game, if a team takes longer than the allocated 20 minutes then they will forfeit the game. Arranged games CAN NOT be rearranged with less than 2 hours before kick off.

6. The home team are to decide kit colour.

7. All games must be arranged on Discord in the manager’s channel. You can read more about how to join Discord here: http://www.fifaogc.com/fifaogc-discord

8. We do not need you to send screenshots to us, but you must take one at the end of each game in case a result is disputed. If there is a dispute over a result and you don’t have the screenshot, you could end up with a loss

9. All managers must be registered on the site and in the Discord channel.

10. There needs to be at least 6 players signed up to each team. Teams can sign up players anytime during the season but need to confirm this with an admin on Discord. Players CAN’T transfer between clubs unless its at the start,middle or end of the season. (There will be a transfer window at the halfway point of the season this will be open for 1 week)

11. Teams must field a minimum of 6 human players every match.

12. Anyone sent off whether it’s 2 yellows or an instant red in any game will receive a 1 game ban

13. The use of ANY is allowed

14. Winner submits the score via the fixtures & results link in the top menu. In the event of a draw, the home manager submits, unless otherwise agreed by your opponent.

15. Any form of glitching or abuse of game bugs to gain an advantage is not allowed. Severe cases could result in player or team bans.