With our first year of Pro Clubs coming to an end, I thought I’d take some time out and interview the team leading the way and looking good to win the first ever OGC Pro Clubs League Bette Jalle Fc.

Firstly tell us a bit about yourself and your team. How did Bette Jalle come about, how long have you been playing pro clubs as a team and what leagues have you played previously?

Officially the club Bette Jalle FC was founded in 2013 by five swedes. Isac & Johan (2/3 current managers), Roos, Palm and Estrada. All whom which are still in the club. The five of us have been playing clubs for a lot longer than that though. Since FIFA 11 we’ve been playing clubs actively.

The first 6 months of ’Bette Jalle FC’ was just the five us messing around in seasons on PS3. It was when we went from PS3 to PS4 that the club really started to grow. Wille (also known as Gib) joined and later became manager. Johan got us into the FVPA community and we started making international signings. In the early stages of an FVPA UK season we were top of the league and got contacted by ’CalibreGaming’ regarding a sponsorship which helped us grow even more. Bette Jalle FC then became ”Calibre PS4”. We finished second that season and won the league cup. Pretty amazing when you think of it, we went from 6 swedish guys just messing about to becoming a top team in the FVPA! At the end of the summer we decided to part ways with Calibre Gaming and go back to Bette Jalle. The swedish core remained intact of course and some of our international players followed. That’s FIFA 14.

FIFA 15 wasn’t as exciting or whatever you want to call it as 14. In the beginning the club was even put on ice and it wasn’t until december that we would reunite again. We entered the FVPA again but this time around it didn’t go well at all. The best part about Bette Jalle anno 2014/2015 was definitely the signings we made. Most of whom we signed back then is still with us today! We made a lot of new friends.

When FIFA 16 came out it was the first game where we were really ready to compete from the start. The squad from FIFA 15 remained intact with a few additions. It was set for success. And what a success it was. We won that FVPA that season without losing a single game, and we secured the title against our arch enemies ’FC Fornudden’ on their ground. Champions League was not a huge hit but that was overshadowed by the amazing achievement we made in the league. The following season of the FVPA was a disappointment as we failed to defend the title, finishing second. After that we got contacted by you and now we’re playing in The OGC!

You’re currently leading the way in the OGC Pro Clubs league and looking impossible to catch. Has it been as easy as it looks this season? How have you found the standard of opposition compared to other leagues you’ve played?

If you compare it to the UK FVPA league last season the difference isn’t too big. The UK side of proclubs has had a negative development the last 2 years and for FIFA 16 it has been a similar level to the other league. The exception though is the Champions League where the best teams from each country compete, the level of play there isn’t seen anywhere else on the pro clubs scene.

The OGC Pro Clubs League is in its first year as you know. As with all these things, there is always a bit of trial and error getting the right setup and balance. As someone who has played in other leagues what have you enjoyed about this one and what additions/changes would you like to see going forward?

We’ve enjoyed playing since it’s the only UK league outside the “fantasy leagues” (VFL, VFF, BVL etc.). As mentioned earlier we’ve been together for a long time and therefore it’s important for us to be able to play together without any trouble. If we were to change one thing it would be the game times. We’d like to see fixed dates and times for the games (Which of course can be changed if needed) since we think it reduces the issues with agreeing over when to play.

FIFA 18 is fast approaching and we now know for certain that Pro Clubs is being kept in for another year. I presume some of your members must have beta invites? What are you hoping for with the new game in terms of gameplay on the pitch and options off the pitch in Pro Clubs?

One of our players actually got a Beta invite but unfortunately he was not able to use it since he is away on holiday.

As for improvements we’d like to see in clubs, we have been talking about that for a while now and some of those things have been confirmed now for FIFA 18. We have always wanted more customization to make your club more personal so it really feels like it is YOURS. And now we are gonna be able to create our own kits which is awesome! The next step could be stadium perhaps?

Other than that we would like to see more investment on EA:s part when it comes to clubs. Advertise and encourage it more for the general public. Set up tournaments etc. We strongly believe that there is huge potential in Pro Clubs. If CS and LoL teams draws a big audience, why can’t clubs? Football is only the greatest sport there is.

Of course we shouldn’t talk about FIFA 18 without mentioning PES 2018. Do you or any of your club mates play PES at all? What do you think about their recent efforts and what we’ve seen so far of 2018? Will they ever get a fully-fledged Pro Clubs mode!?

None of us play PES regurarely no. However a few of us play the demo which is released every year ahead of the new game. Unfortuanly it can not yet compete with FIFA on a global basis. There are some light sparks in PES of course that are better than FIFA and I really hope they can improve their game in general to a level where people actually jump from FIFA to PES so that the competition between then both gets more serious and then we can expect serious improvements in both games.

Do Bette Jalle play any other games as a group? Do you have time!? I imagine you must get through a hell of a lot of Pro Clubs matches in a week. OGC community nights are open to anyone who wants to play something a bit different with other site members, so you’re always welcome to join.

Yes we do, a pretty large amount of different games actually. Battlefield, GTA, Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege, NBA, just to name a few. What we are always so proud to say about ourselves is that we’re not just a FIFA team. We are a bunch of friends who have fun together and can talk about everything between heaven and earth. The WhatsApp chat and our Skype calls are full of banter and they can get really crazy sometimes. Crazy fun! So it’s very easy to play just any other game really.

Any final thoughts or messages you want to put out there before we wrap up this interview?
Keep enjoying clubs! The Pro Clubs community needs more clubs and it needs to grow but it’s difficult when clubs are folding right and left. Take it from a bunch of guys who’ve been around for a while, it takes time to build a club so be patient. Took us 1 1/2 half year to build a stable core, but boy was it worth the time! You just gotta find the right people, trust us they are out there. Together we can make Pro Clubs the biggest and greatest game mode ever!

So thats it, Thanks to Bette Jalle for taking the time to do this interview and good luck for the rest of the season.