With FIFA 18 just around the corner, lets have a look at some of the changes to Pro Clubs we know about so far.

We know from the beta that the player growth system has changed. This could well be the biggest change of the year as traits are now unlocked through a tree style system, instead of all on one level. This means the better traits cannot be unlocked unless you select the other traits on the same branch first.

This could mean your trait selection is more strict. If you want a striker with all the passing traits, you’re going to have to sacrifice the shooting branch, rather than having a player who can do a bit of everything like in previous years.


The next change is the play styles. Where before you could only have one set of traits and one position set at a time, you can now have 3 completely different VP builds. This should make it quicker to change yourself from a striker to a midfielder if you’re the kind of player who moves around the pitch.

The final of the major changes is the ability to set up your set piece takers before the game. No more changing the set piece takers every time you get a corner or free kick. Just stick your best man on them before you begin. A nice little time saver.

This years changes may not be revolutionary but they should make some difference and certainly save some time and aggro with changing all your settings, which is a welcome addition. I’ve also heard another minor change is that human controlled goalkeepers can no longer leave their box. Bad news if you like to try and score as the goalkeeper, but good news for those who play drop-ins and find their goalkeeper messing around at the wrong end of the pitch.